Animals in costumes (this will improve your focus)

A dog in a cheerleader outfit, a goose in a superman outfit and a chipmunk dressed as a convict

It might seem like a bit of an indulgence, but looking at pictures of sweet things has been scientifically proven to improve your focus. And most of us need a boost in that area, frankly.

Here’s how you can focus up at the same time as getting your daily dose of Vitamin QT.

Jemima Puddleduck meets Lady Gaga: upmarket, luxe textiles meet couture design on the fashion week catwalk (aka the path down to the pond).

A pair of ducks wearing floral gowns and hats

What the owner has gone for here is a healthy low-GI pet that also pairs very well with ice cream as part of a delicious dessert.

A dog in a banana outfit standing next to a pumpkin sign saying 'happy autumn'

Quite a butch look, this. Ideal for fancy-dress parties when you want to look kind of buff in front of the lady ducks at the same time as getting into the costume-party spirit. Very clever duck.

A goose dressed up in a superman costume and posing on top of a toy skyscraper

A seriously all-American vibe here from quite a serious, stoic kind of dog. The sort of dog that can round up cattle, dispose of a deadly rattlesnake, then head on home for some dog biscuits and gravy. Good boy!

A dog in a field dressed up as a cowboy with a stetson, scarf and lasso

If you squint, you’ll notice that this is a dachshund dressed up like Woody from Toy Story rather than the animated character himself. Proof that blondes really do have more fun.

A dog wearing a Woody from Toy Story outfit

Hens in shellsuits or actually just the Scousers from Harry Enfield’s programme? Who knows? Impossible to tell.

Two chickens wearing red and white shell suits

Very handy for people who have cats that get stuck up trees quite a lot – why not dress them up as Princess Leia to make their escapades a bit more exciting? Also: imagine that cat in the gold bikini.

A cat dressed up as Princess Leia from Star Wars

No idea how he does it, but that dog has a very trim physique despite his apparent love of carbohydrates. The hat is a fun flourish from some clearly creative owners.

A dog wearing a chefs hat and apron and cooking pasta

Absolutely stunning styling and really brings a whole new meaning to the term “hunting dog”. Is this a visual pun?

Two dogs in hunting costumes with toy guns

This guy takes his summer tunes very seriously, and even took it upon himself to stock up on an appropriate vest to let the world know that he’s listening to the freshest beats around.

A dog wearing a flat cap, glasses and headphones

999 what’s your emergency? These guys clearly know how to take the “ruff” with the smooth in their line of work.

Two dogs dressed up as a fireman and policeman

To whichever genius milliner crafted this hat with special cut-out holes for the dog’s ears: hearty congratulations.

A chihuahua dressed up in a Mexican sombrero, poncho and moustache, playing the guitar

What a naughty chipmunk! Let the punishment fit the crime, we say.

A chipmunk wearing a convict's hat and ball and chain

For an old-timer who remembers Woodstock, but also remembers how to have fun, this is the perfect ensemble.

A dog wearing rainbow-coloured sunglasses, bow tie and gloves

“Dignity at all times, dignity at all times” – even if the human who put you in this frock is having a good laugh at your expense. And you’re a boy.

A gopher wearing a white dress with pink hearts on it, and a green bead necklace

Who doesn’t want to dress their fluffy cat like a Borgia pope? If not, you’re probably in the wrong bit of the internet. Infallibly chic.

A cat wearing a pope outfit in the Vatican City

You know what it’s like – you get a baby goat and before you know it she’s raiding Claire’s accessories and listening to Justin Bieber. Don’t worry, it’s just a phase.

A goat wearing flower ear-rings and colourful beads

Once a go-getting businessman who has now settled for mediocrity in the accounts department of an IT firm, Derek has come to accept that his wife June is having an affair with the milkman. Just life, isn’t it?

Two French bulldogs wearing human clothes

Team spirit, high kicks and meticulously co-ordinated dance routines are just par for the course in the life of any bulldog. Why not bring out their more feminine side with a gorgeous pink hue?

A bulldog in a cheerleader outfit with pom-poms

The face and attire of a dog who just lost quite a lot of money on a bet. Some days, everything just seems to go wrong and even your tie won’t sit straight. We feel for you.


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