Bear mascot can’t stop slipping on ice in hilarious car commercial outtakes

A giant bear mascot is trying to walk on ice for a car dealership commercial. What could possibly go wrong?

Luckily plenty, and all for our benefit in this hilarious video of outtakes from a commercial shoot by White Bear Mitsubishi in Minnesota.

The dealership shared the bloopers from its commercial filmed at the Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis, where the University of Minnesota hockey team plays its home games.

Richard Herod III, the general manager of the dealership, is joined by the University of Minnesota’s Golden Gopher mascot and the auto dealer’s white bear mascot, who is having a tough time keeping his feet.

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“Do you have to go home for the rest of the day after this?” Herod says to the man in the bear suit after his umpteenth fall.

The best fall is saved for last. Just when it looks like they have the commercial nailed, Herod offers a small pat on the back to the bear mascot and…comedy gold.


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