Little Girl Cries About Missing The Chance To See The President. He Found Out And Called Her On New Year’s Eve

A little girl named Neisha from Indonesia had wanted to see President Joko Widodo while he was on a trip to Tomohon, North Sulawesi, last Tuesday.

Neisha waited all morning to see him, but an unfortunately timed trip to the bathroom caused Neisha to miss Jokowi as he passed by in his convoy.

Upon learning this, she immediately started crying, blaming her father for not alerting her to the president’s presence:

Her mother posted the video on Facebook and it went viral, catching the attention of Kahiyang Ayu, the president’s daughter.

Thanks to a few connections made via social media, the president gave Neisha a personal phone call on New Year’s Eve:

Jokowi: Hello Neisha, good evening. You were the one crying the other day, yeah?

Neisha: Yeah…

Jokowi: Why were you crying?

Neisha: I wanted to meet…

Jokowi: Who did you want to meet?

Neisha: Bapak President.

Jokowi: Oh, you wanted to meet the president. And you couldn’t meet him?

Neisha: Yeah…

Jokowi: Yeah, I saw you were crying the other day. Well, I’m recording this, later you can watch it on Youtube, ok? But don’t cry anymore, ok?

Neisha: Okay.

Jokowi: Study hard, okay?

Neisha: Okay.

The next day, Neisha’s mother posted this video of Neisha praying for the president and his family to be healthy and blessed by God in the New Year.


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