Mysterious 12 year-old message in a bottle has the man who found it scratching his head

teaser-message-in-a-bottleThey’re seen as being impossibly romantic, sometimes heartbreaking and often mysterious.

But messages in bottles date back to 310 BC and had a more practical motivation, when a Greek philosopher tossed one in the water to see if the Atlantic flowed into the Mediterranean.

Over two thousand years later, the most recent one to wash up is a little more mysterious than most – not that that’s stopping the man who found it.

While the bottle in question washed up just 424 miles aways from where it originated, the contents have got Imgur user moskeytoes scratching his head.

Based in Key West, he posted an image on the site of him with the bottle and letter in question. But 12 years at sea have cause much of the writing to become illegible.

What can be read, goes as follows:

“Amanda Ferguson Message in a Bottle 17 May…2004 Set off from Ormond Beach, Florida.

Bottle with a message inside on a sandy beach
Messages in bottles have been around for a very long time (Photo: REX/Shutterstock)

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“It is the tremendous experiment… becoming conscious which… laid upon mankind who… most diverse culture and…

“I don’t know what I hope to… in sending this message… bottle, yet I hope it works… You-the lucky finder of this… “

The writer, Amanda Ferguson also weighted the bottle with “authentic Mardi Gras beads” from New Orleans.

She also included a phone number, which no longer works, and the man who found her message is appealing to her get in touch.



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