A Hidden 600-Year-Old Buddha Emerges After Water Levels Drop In China

A 600-year-old Buddha statue has been discovered in China’s Jiangxi Province after water levels fell during renovation work.

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/01/3i8az-buddha-statue-under-water-china-1.jpg

ancient buddha town

A local villager spotted the head of the Buddha when the water level fell by more than 10 meters during work on a hydropower gate.

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/01/5moes-buddha-4.jpg

ancient buddha town

Archaeologists say the statue could date back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/01/65myz-buddha-statue-under-water-china-2.jpg

ancient buddha town

The statue is potentially just the tip of an untapped archaeological treasure trove. A base of a temple hall was also found under the water.

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/01/bisgi-buddha-6.jpg

ancient buddha town

An underwater archaeology team is currently investigating what they believe is the ancient town of Xiaoshi.

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/01/74ajg-buddha-5.jpg

ancient buddha town
Read more at http://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/2007/A-Hidden-600-Year-Old-Buddha-Emerges-After-Water-Levels-Drop-In-China#H3SmtxeWPBtZzcQ6.99


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Xiaoshi as pinin can also be prounouced (消失) to mean disappear!


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