Boy, 6, Gives Away His Toys in ‘Lemonade’ Stand After Realizing Some Kids Are Less Fortunate

Blake, 6, had his mind set on giving away all his toys when his mom told him some kids didn’t have as many toys as he did.

Boy, 6, Gives Away His Toys in 'Lemonade' Stand After Realizing Some Kids Are Less Fortunate: Blake, 6, had his mind set on giving away all his toys when his mom told him some kids didn't have as many toys as he did.© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc.

It’s hard to separate a boy from his toys, but this Florida 6-year-old was more than happy to give them all up when he learned there were less fortunate kids in the world.

Blake Work, 6, of Hudson embarked on a mission to give away all his toys two weeks ago by setting up a lemonade stand. Instead of selling drinks under the hot sun, he invited customers to take one of his toys, for free.

“It made sense to him,” said his mom, Melissa Work. “He didn’t think twice about it. He would have given away our house and our car if he could have.”

Work told it all started one evening, when she asked Blake to clean up his toys the following morning.

Blake protested, saying that would take a lot of work, since he had so many toys.

“I told him, ‘Those are blessings. You’re very lucky and fortunate. Some kids don’t have any,’'” Work recalled.

Then, as his mom says, “It hit him.”

“[It] like really hit his heart when he came to understand they don’t have toys,” she said.

The following morning, her son woke her up bright and early with a pile of his toys set aside.

“He had already done it,” she said. “He grabbed some books, and some of his favorite toys. I followed him outside, and helped him set it up at the end of the driveway.”

But, every budding business venture runs into problems. For Blake, his problem was setting up shop in their neighborhood.

“We live in an older community with no kids,” his mom explained. “He sat out there for a couple hours at a time with nothing.”

While his neighbors congratulated him for his selfless gesture, Blake started feeling discouraged since no one was picking up his toys.

Work, who was saddened by her son’s heartbreak, then took to the internet and started posting in local Facebook groups, inviting strangers in need to have their pick at some toys.

Eventually, people came.

“A family with an 18-month-old son — they just wanted to come for the books,” Work explained. “He ran back into his room and got more. He gave four or five books away.”

The proud mom said that by the end of the day, Blake gave away nearly 10 toys, and donated whatever was left in his pile to his school.

“He lives to make people smile,” his mom said. “He’ll do it at his own expense. It makes my eyes water — we’re so proud.”

Despite giving away most of his favorite toys, Work said Blake continues to keep himself entertained by playing outside, or climbing a tree.

Johanna Li


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