‘Respect, rub-a-dub style’: Tube worker at Victoria station hailed a legend for hilarious train announcements

A Tube announcer has been called a “total legend” for making thousands of London commuters smile with his amusing train announcements.

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The upbeat London Underground worker has been filmed delivering a hilarious fast-paced announcement as a train pulls into the platform at Victoria station.

Armed with a loudspeaker, the Tube worker, called Carl, tells passengers: “Service update, everything cool”.

He then says: “The Underground train driver, you cool. Why don’t you show the people some loving.”

He adds: “Bless up the massive, bless them up, show them so love. Stand clear.”

The announcement finishes as he bids the train farewell with the words: “Respect, respect, rub a dub style.”

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The video was posted online by style consultant Leon Brown and has since been watched more than 58,000 times.

Mr Brown told the Standard: “We all know what travelling on the underground can be like – no one smiles!

victoria-line-tube-announcer-0.jpg© Provided by Independent Print Limited victoria-line-tube-announcer-0.jpg

“We just wanna get where we’re going as quickly as possible so it was great to see Carl being true to himself and his heritage, and bringing a smile to all our faces whilst doing it!”

Mr Brown, who lives in north east London, added on Facebook: “We crossed paths for five minutes and it was filled with laughter and fun! Great guy.

victoria-line-tube-announcer-3.jpg© Provided by Independent Print Limited victoria-line-tube-announcer-3.jpg“It’s just so nice to see someone putting a genuine smile on people’s faces.

“I watched three trains go by and saw more smiles in five minutes than you’d usually see in a week.”

Many Tube users have remarked on Carl’s unique announcements and said he regularly brightens up their dreary Tube journeys.

@tfl respect to the announcer at Victoria tube today. Awesome and made my day.

“Brilliant,” said Michael Cuschieri. “They should have someone like him at every station.

“Love it and what a difference it probably made to people on a Monday morning going back to work!”

Stephanie Smith said: “I’ve heard him before! He’s amazing in the mornings, makes everyone smile. Total legend.”

Another Facebook user called Rae Charles said: “He has been doing this for years, he is amazing, he makes everyone on the carriage/platform smile”.

Sandy Gardner added: ”I would definitely miss my train because I would be more interested in watching him – really entertaining!”

Francesca Gillett



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