This friendly cashier saved the day for a mom by holding her upset baby

When Lauren Walker walked into a Scotland supermarket with her 10-month-old son, Alistair, and her mom last weekend, her little boy made sure to say hello to everyone he came in contact with, including a friendly cashier. But by the time they got to the checkout counter, he’d had enough.

Walker was trying to keep him calm when the very same cashier, Mubarak, recognized Alistair from their earlier encounter.

“Alistair started to get excited and shout ‘Hi’ to him,” Walker told TODAY. “When he started scanning, the man put his arms out to take Alistair so he could help him.”

It was this sweet moment that kept little Alistair calm while his mom and grandma finished off their grocery shopping trip.

It was so sweet, in fact, that Walker took a video, posted it online and flagged the store, Marks and Spencer, letting it know what a lifesaver its employee had been.

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Alistair “smiled and squealed the full way through it because he was having so much fun!” she wrote. “This man made my shopping experience so much easier and the fact he took time with my son as well was great.”

The video immediately garnered a huge response from impressed parents, and the store made sure to reach out with a follow-up.

Brittany Loggins