Bizarre moment Polperro man spotted walking a pet goose on a lead

As any dog owner knows it’s important to take your pooch for regular exercise, but it would also appear that our feathered friends also enjoy a gentle stroll.

This picture was taken by Alex Graves during a gap in the rain in picturesque Polperro yesterday afternoon.

Alex Graves


One man and his goose strolling through Polperro

He spotted the man walking the bird while visiting his in-laws and said he thought it was just brilliant.

Dad-of-two, Alex, from Truro, said: “We often visit Polperro to see the family and I have never, ever seen this before. I was getting the kids out of the car and had them in my hands when I spotted the chap with this goose on a lead walking through the street. I quickly put them in the house and said ‘I need to get a picture of this before he walks away’.

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“I’m sure there are people in Polperro who know who it is, but for us as a family, especially the kids, it was just adorable to see.



One man and his goose go for a stroll through Polperro

“The bird was calmly walking along beside the chap on the lead; it wasn’t getting in a flap at all.

“He could have taken it in and is nursing it back to health or it might be a pet. Either way I would say this only happens in Cornwall.”

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oment a man slipped a lead around his pet goose and took it for a walk – prompting passers-by to take a gander.

By WBCaroline



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