Extreme pancake flipper travels to UK’s most remote locations to surprise workers with tasty treats

An ‘extreme pancake flipper’ is travelling across the UK to make sure people working in remote locations don’t miss out on the tasty treats.

Ben Sparrow, armed with just free-range eggs, flour, milk, oil, a frying pan and a cordless hot stove, ventures deep into caves in the Scottish Highlands and even abseils down a lighthouse in dramatic video footage.

The adventurer, dubbed the ‘Pancrobat’, braves the elements and shows off his fantastic flipping skills to reach those who normally miss out on the Pancake Day fun and cook them up delicious piping hot pancakes drizzled with syrup and topped with fruit.

Ben shows off his amazing flipping skills while cooking up a treat for isolated cave explorer Colin Coventry (Photo: happy egg co)
Colin (right) enjoys an unexpected freshly made pancake miles from civilisation thanks to Ben (left)(Photo: happy egg co)

On his one-man mission, Ben covers more than 1,400 miles, first seeking out sea cave explorer Colin Coventry deep in the Smoo Caves in the Highlands.

His tour of Britain ahead of today’s Shrove Tuesday – commissioned by the happy egg co. – sees him finish at the iconic red and white striped Happisburgh lighthouse in Norfolk.

Ben said: “I’ve always used eggs from the happy egg co. to make my pancake batter before flipping into action and when they approached me with this challenge, I just couldn’t resist.

Ben goes flipping crazy at the famous isolated Happisburgh lighthouse in Norfolk (Photo: happy egg co)
Extreme pancake maker Ben clambers up a rock face to flip the tasty treat (Photo: happy egg co)

“The emotional reaction of the unsuspecting workers when I arrived to flip pancakes was so heart-warming and an experience I will never forget”.


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Geraldine Phillips, from the happy egg co., added: “Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy Pancake Day.

“As eggs are the main ingredient in pancake batter, we felt that it was down to us to give the pancake deprived a once-in-a-life time opportunity.

Ben was recruited by the happy egg co. to fry pancakes for British workers at remote locations (Photo: happy egg co)
Brave Ben abseiled the lighthouse during his visit to the remote landmark (Photo: happy egg co)

“There was no one better to deliver this little miracle other than the Pancrobat”.

Find out more on the egg company’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.




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