Serena Williams Strolls By A Park And Challenges Two Random Dudes To Tennis

Serena Williams didn’t win a trophy for challenging two guys in the park to a game, but she probably made their night.

These guys must still be pinching themselves.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams was strolling by a park with fiancé Alexis Ohanian and her dog, Chip, in San Francisco Sunday night when she spotted two men playing singles, news outlets reported.

Despite wearing furry boots, Williams playfully challenged the two to a match.

They recognized her, but who in the world would turn down a one-in-a-gazillion shot at exchanging shots with arguably the G.O.A.T.? Not these two. One of them offered her a racket and it was game-on.

Check out Williams’ Snapchat video of the encounter, shared by For The Win’s Alysha Tsuji:

Serena played tennis in boots with these 2 guys she saw on a court while she was out on a walk last night. IMAGINE.


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