Teens living on opposite sides of world fall in love thanks to four little words which changed their lives forever

Four words in an innocent tweet brought them together in the middle of the night – and they’ve since travelled the world hand-in-hand


Two teenagers living thousands of miles apart fell in love and travelled the world together after starting a conversation on Twitter in the middle of the night.

Leonie Sii , now 24, from Sydney Australia, told how she was browsing the internet at 3am during a sleepless night in 2012, watching YouTube videos on game commentaries to settle her anxiety.

She stumbled across one YouTuber who really made her laugh – and decided to let him know about it.

“I enjoyed his humour and decided to just let the creator of the video know that he’s pretty amazing to be able to make someone laugh when they’re feeling pretty down,” she told Mirror Online.

Not knowing what he looked like or where he was from, Leonie sought him out on Twitter and typed four words which would change her life forever.

“You sir, are amazing”

Once the mysterious man, Mattias Holmbom from a small town in the north of Sweden, had replied asking what made her think that, she said: “Because your accent is sexy. And your Halo skills are sexy too :)”

He took a look at her YouTube account and the rest is history.

The pair talked on Skype for nine months, played online games together with his friends and even sent each other letters – which Leonie recommends to other sweethearts – before meeting in real life in 2013 when Mattias flew out to Sydney.

“I was actually really nervous to meet him,” Leonie admits, “I went to the airport and told him I wanted us to act ‘normal’.

“I spotted him walking out but there were so many people waiting at the airport that he missed me so I had to run after him and tap him on the shoulder.

The couple in Malaysia, where they went island hopping after a cousin’s wedding (Photo: Leonie Sii)

“When he turned around, he had the biggest smile on his face and we gave each other a hug.”

Mattias, now 23, and Leonie spent a fun-filled month together in Sydney before he had to fly back to Sweden for university.

Luckily, she would be spending a year studying abroad in Switzerland in 2014, which meant the pair could be closer together.

“I spent a lot of that year travelling around Europe with friends and whenever Mattias had a break from university, we would meet up.”

The couple have travelled the world together – here they are in Melbourne, Australia (Photo: Leonie Sii)

The hopeless romantic even organised a surprise visit for Valentine’s Day three years ago, turning up out of the blue.

Mattias and Leonie started exploring the world together, watching the Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark, paragliding and hiking in Switzerland, walking hand-in-hand through the streets of Paris, Rome, Berlin and London, cruising around Norway, horseriding in Iceland and island-hopping through Malaysia.

“Whenever I wasn’t studying in Switzerland or doing weekend-trips with friends, I would be in Sweden just hanging out with his family and friends.

“They were all so lovely and interested in Australian culture. They couldn’t fathom that people in Australia spent Christmas day at the beach in 40 degree heat!

Leonie studied in Switzerland and the pair hiked and paraglided there (Photo: Leonie Sii)

“I experienced my first white Christmas in Sweden, went skiing for the first time and saw the Northern Lights which just blew my mind.”

In 2015, Leonie had to move back to Sydney to finish her degree and Mattias returned to his studies too.

But after he graduated, he was able to apply for a working holiday visa and moved to Sydney to be with his girlfriend.

Now, holding down a sponsored job as a filmmaker, Mattias is able to stay in Sydney for the forseeable future to be with Leonie.

Leonie and Mattias kayaking in the Whitsunday Islands in Australia (Photo: Leonie Sii)

Leonie said: “Being able to share the ups and downs of life with my audience through my blog and YouTube channel has probably been the most rewarding thing as well.

“I feel like my anxiety stops me a lot from doing things that I really want to do, but in the past five years I’ve challenged myself and that’s what I want my readers to know and be inspired by.

“Through it all, I’m very thankful that Mattias has been by my side and that we get to support each other on all our endeavours – not just travel-wise, but life and career-wise.

Mattias and Leonie hang out in Norway (Photo: Leonie Sii)

“We bring out the best in each other.

“If we never pursued this relationship, I don’t think we would have been able to have had all the opportunities that we’ve had and actually get to do things that we enjoy. It kind of pushed us to actually take action and do things, rather than just wait around for things to happen.”

You can follow Leonie and Mattias’ travels on LeonieSii.com .




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