Watch this adorable great-grandma dance to Bruno Mars at her 100th birthday

Elisabeth Cockrell was the star of the show after family members recorded her dancing to Bruno Mars’ “24 Magic” at her 100th birthday party at her grandson’s house in Marina Valley, California.

One grandson, Daron Anderson, 50, posted a video of the moment on Facebook, where it was picked up by Bay Area radio station KBLX-FM and watched millions of times.

Anderson’s uncle, who takes care of Cockrell, was walking her to a seat in the backyard when the music started pumping

“She got to the door and the music started playing, she just went,” Anderson told NBC News. “She’s vivacious. Nobody expected my grandma to do that, I was just so thankful.”


Cockrell, who raised five children and several grandchildren as a housewife, was not fully aware that her dance moves have become a viral hit.

“She doesn’t know the technologies of today,” Anderson said.

The family is planning a reunion for July 1, giving Cockrell time to work on some more show-stopping moves.


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