Empire State Building Shines Pink In Solidarity With Women Marching Below

International Women’s Day had an ally in the sky.


People across the country and the world marched in honor of women on Wednesday. They marched for women’s economic power, they marched for international solidarity and they marched for women’s groundbreaking achievements throughout history.

And as the sun set over the marching in New York City, the Empire State Building stood tall and vibrant pink.

The magenta lights on New York City’s second tallest building were chosen to honor International Women’s Day and to show the Empire State Building’s solidarity with HeForShe, a United Nations-sponsored campaign aimed at encouraging men to commit to gender equality.

The lights atop the Empire State Building change colors for various events when organizations file a tower lighting request. In the past, it has been illuminated in different hues as a memorial, to celebrate presidential victories or to honor religious holidays.

Wednesday’s showcase launched the beginning of HeForShe’s Arts Week Initiative. Bjarni Benediktsson, the prime minister of Iceland, and Edgar Ramírez, actor and UNICEF ambassador, visited the Empire State Building earlier that day to celebrate the building turning pink.

And when the bright color flashed on during sunset, women’s rights activists on the ground welcomed the show of solidarity.

“Empire State, we hear you!!” shouts a young girl when the turns pink for  at twilight

Pink-hat Empire State Building makes a nice backdrop for this march

Love that the Empire State Building is supporting . I appreciate all the amazing woman in my life.

By Carla Herreria


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