Sick six-year-old boy in crippling pain manages a smile after stranger makes his day – all thanks to his mum

His mum said she didn’t want to sound like a ‘cheeky cow’ but asked people to do one thing to ‘light up’ his face

A mum of three children who all have a condition causing tumours to grow in their bones has issued an emotional plea to strangers to make her little boy’s face ‘light up’.


Sarah Walker shared the request on her Facebook page, asking people to send ‘get well soon’ cards to her six-year-old son, William, to ease his crippling pain following surgery.

And it’s already working. William received his first card today and his resulting smile is obvious for anyone to see.

William has hereditary multiple exostoses, a condition which makes tumours grow inside his bones, but the tot has a rare form which means tumours also grow on the outside of his.

Last week he underwent surgery to remove three tumours which were crushing his kidney and spleen – and one which was dangerously close to his heart.

William was in intensive care for days after his surgery (Photo: Supplied)

His lung partially collapsed in surgery, meaning William was put in intensive care, but on March 11 he was moved to a ward to recover.

Sarah has spoken of how he has woken in the night in crippling agony and was still being given morphine a few days ago.

Wanting to make him smile, she posted the following request on social media: “Now here’s the thing… I’m wanting to surprise him with get well cards.

“Can I ask my friends to share my post and see if we can get him lots of cards sent. Even homemade.

“It would be amazing to see how far we reach and the longest distance a card for him travels.

William and Sarah smile for the camera (Photo: Facebook)

“It would make him feel so happy. He really is a bit down today.

“I know some people may think what a cheeky cow. And maybe I am asking too much. But I’m hoping a few people will share. It would be amazing to see his face light up.

“My address can be given via pm. Thank u so much. X”

Yesterday, Sarah revealed that the family has received 170 messages of support for William so far and shared a heartwarming photograph of him smiling after receiving his first card.

She thanked the kind donor, Joanne West, and wrote: ‘Yours was the first card to arrive and has been opened by William. He said thank you.’

If you want to help by sending William a message of support, you can contact Sarah on her Facebook page or GoFundMe site .



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