Moose Mounts Metal Statue, Finds Out It’s A Little Rusty

Talk about tough love.

A doe-eyed moose apparently looking for love in all the wrong places when she tried mounting a decorative lawn moose.


Unfortunately for the four-legged thrill-seeker, her object of desire simply couldn’t take the weight of her affection, as a comical video shows.


In the two-minute video, shot in Black Forest, Colorado, the moose is seen seemingly enthralled by the art piece as she nuzzles the statue’s face and paws at the surrounding ground. John Woods, who uploaded the video, identifies the moose as female. Mounting is generally considered to be a male behavior but hey, you do you, moose.

New relationships often are a little bumpy as one moose recently learned after falling for a metal lawn decoration.

Needless to say, she was completely blindsided when she tried to, um, take a ride. The proposition had what could be seen as lethal effects for the statue, causing it to topple to the ground and leaving its admirer visibly confused.


According to Woods, the moose is a frequent visitor to the property. Another video uploaded earlier this month captured the animal playing with a tire swing.



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