Little girl sees police officer dining alone and makes truly heartwarming gesture

We bet she made his day

However, one little girl has delighted residents of Hingham, Massachusetts by demonstrating just how much she appreciates the police.

Sergeant Steven Dearth was grabbing a bite to eat at a local sandwich shop when he met four-year-old Lillian.

Like many kids, it seems like Lillian has an adorable fascination with the police, and could not resist asking Sgt. Dearth if she could join him for lunch.

Sgt. Dearth was of course more than happy to oblige.

The impromptu lunch date even made the local news, and Hingham Police Department shared a heartwarming photo of it on their Facebook page .

They captioned the snap with: “It means a lot to Police Officers when people say ‘Hi’, especially when children approach us.

“Lillian came up to Sgt. Steven Dearth tonight to say ‘Hi’ and wanted to sit with him for dinner break.

“Of course, we gave her a Junior Police Officer sticker and had the best dinner date. She even asked to have a play date “in a few days.'”



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