Horse Rescued After Falling Into Hole On The Way Home From Taco Bell

A horse in California had a rough experience after a late-evening visit to Taco Bell.

The horse and rider were returning from the Mexican fast food chain near downtown Riverside on Saturday when the cover of a utility vault beneath the sidewalk collapsed under them, dropping the horse into a 5-foot-deep hole, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Photographs of the incident shared by the City of Riverside Fire Department show response teams working together to lift the horse back to the sidewalk. Firefighters called in the City of Riverside’s Heavy Animal Rescue Team when they realized they would not be able to lift the animal themselves.

Firefighters helped this horse get back on its feet.

Responders initially requested a crane, but the horse eventually managed to climb out of the hole with some help from authorities and the animal’s owner, the fire department said.

Luckily, the horse avoided serious injuries in the incident. A veterinarian said the animal suffered minor cuts to its legs, according to reports.

The Riverside Fire Department posted a photo of the happy horse back on steady ground.


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