Is there a happiness algorithm?

“Happiness is not about what the world gives you – happiness is what you think about what the world gives you.”

This Google executive says he has the secret to happiness, a discovery he says was tested when his young son died suddenly on holiday.

Channel 4 News


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  1. haha…

    I’m sorry he lost his son, but he doesn’t not OWN the definition of happiness, although as a Google exec, I can see why he would think he does. 😉

    He argues that people who go to the club aren’t happy, they’re just having fun and their minds are empty…that they don’t feel true happiness during those nights. He further posits that happiness comes only from that peaceful feeling that all is right in the world….Um, isn’t he doing exactly what he says is the wrong thing to do, substituting a feeling for happiness. Peace is peace. And yes, this can lead to happiness…but some people experience peace as mere relaxation. Just as some people truly experience happiness at a club with the loud music, etc.

    I enjoyed this, though. Great, great post. It made me happy. 🙂


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