Pierce Brosnan: Secret Agent, Secret… Painter?

The 007 actor has been painting for years. Who knew?

Love Is All You Need, but what do you think of this painting? Does it have you screaming Mars Attacks! or Running Wilde with an Urge to know the artist who left you Shattered? Well, Mrs. Doubtfire and your new Love Affair are Entangled: Through what can only be described as the very Laws of AttractionThe November Man himself, Pierce Brosnan, announced an upcoming exhibition of paintings will be taking place in no city other than The World’s End, Paris.

While Tomorrow Never Dies, the location and date have yet to be announced; but you can bet, for a man like GoldenEye, it will be a regular Thomas Crown Affair.

The Ghost Writer behind this article wants to know, has his acting career has reached its own Dante’s Peak? Or did he realize that The World Is Not EnoughAfter the Sunset of his show, will he be Survivor enough to Die Another Day?

After all, it is A Long Way Down—he could be your next Lawnmower Man.

Mamma Mia!

Creators Staff



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