Kind-Hearted Man Spends $1300 on Ice Cream for Strangers and Tips for Employees

Kory Close, the owner of Sweet Sammies in Forth Worth, told that he’s not sure why the man, who he calls Mr. Gary, did the good deed.

$ (4)© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. He was originally only planning to spend $300.A kind-hearted man racked up a $1000 bill paying for ice cream for hundreds of strangers at a Texas shop.

“He came in at about 7:30 on a Saturday night, which is the busiest time of our week. He proceeded to buy everybody’s ice cream from 7:30 until we closed at 10 o’clock,” Close said.

Close said there were about 300 customers.

Mr. Gary initially planned to cap his spending at $300, according to Close, but as the night went on and he kept socializing with customers, he just continued.

“Every time someone came up to the register pulling out their money they were told [by employees] to put it away, this is on somebody else,” Close said. “He seemed very excited about how much business we had done while he was there.”

Close said Mr. Gary had come into the shop earlier asking them to validate his parking ticket. If someone’s ticket isn’t validated by a business in the area, parking costs $20.

Mr. Gary seemed really appreciative that the shop was willing to do so, according to Close.

“He thought that was the nicest thing so he decided to come back and one up us, I guess,” Close said.

By the time the night was over Mr. Gary had a 7-foot tab, which he paid and then tipped three employees $100 each.

“It was amazing,” Close said.

Maya Chung


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