Gators’ mascot uses his head — literally — to protect boy from foul ball

Albert, the alligator mascot for the University of Florida Gators, was enjoying the school’s baseball game from the stands Wednesday when a foul ball flew into his section. Worried that it might hit the child seated next to him, he covered the boy’s head with his arms.

Fortunately, it didn’t hit the child — but it did hit Albert, right on his green noggin.

Saving children from foul balls – just another reason to follow @AlbertGator on Twitter!

Ouch! Poor Albert fell backward into his seat, clearly needing a few moments to shake it off. He was probably in shock — how often does an alligator get hit by a baseball?

The boy he protected attempted to aid in his recovery by applying CPR, much to the amusement of the announcers calling the game on TV.

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Albert is doing much better now, aside from the bandage on his nose (and perhaps a bruise to his ego.)

Be safe at the ballpark, Albert!

Shane Lou


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