Man In Gorilla Suit Finishes London Marathon After 6-Day Charity Crawl

A British police officer who crawled the London Marathon in a gorilla costume has raised more than $42,700 for charity after completing the 26.2-mile course.


Tom Harrison of the Metropolitan Police Department crossed the finish line on Saturday, six days after the race started.


The 41-year-old, who went by the name Mr. Gorilla, donned the outrageous suit to raise money for the Gorilla Organization, which aims to protect the endangered species, according to his online fundraiser.

Metropolitan Police Officer Tom Harrison is seen crawling toward the finish line of the London Marathon, accompanied by his two sons.

“It was tough at points, but I am really glad I did it,” he told The Guardian after completing his extraordinary goal.


Harrison covered himself from head to toe with a furry black costume, which included a face mask, gloves and toed shoes. He averaged about 4.5 miles a day, breaking to stay at friends’ houses along the way, The Guardian reported.

Harrison poses for photos after he was handed a trophy at the finish line. He was met by conservationist Bill Oddie, right.

At the finish line, he was met by Gorilla Organization Chairman Ian Redmond and conservationist Bill Oddie, as well as his two young sons who wore similar gorilla suits.


He said he was blown away by the money raised, which was about 20 times his goal of about $1,900.

Harrison is seen with his two young sons. The 41-year-old completed the London Marathon on Saturday in a gorilla costume.

“The fact it went global has been completely unexpected, but brilliant,” he told the BBC.

But his work isn’t over.


On Harrison’s fundraising page he shared that he plans to cycle 100 miles in Ride London this July. Yes, also in his gorilla suit.

Nina Golgowski


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