Woman Loses Wallet With $1600 In Cash, Then She Gets A Message From A Stranger On Facebook

A Makaliko woman’s faith has been restored in humanity after a stranger returned her wallet with $1,600 in cash inside

Shayna Keliiholokai accidentally left her wallet in a Walmart shopping cart in Kapolei, Hawaii. Keliiholokai realized she didn’t have her wallet about 30 minutes later when she was about to make another purchase at a local drug store.

Keliiholokai went back to Walmart but the wallet was gone. Keliiholokai’s ID, medical cards for her kids, and $1,600 in cash were inside.

“It was a Friday. It was payday. I cashed it. I was ready to pay my rent the next day, and then my heart just sunk when I got home,” she told KHON2 News. “I mean nowadays, that’s all you see is bad news everywhere, things being stolen, people ripping people off, and I was so sad.”

The night took an unexpected turn when a woman messaged Keliiholokai on Facebook saying she found the wallet and was trying to return it. They met up shortly after, and everything inside was exactly how Keliiholokai left it.

“I was so thrilled. My heart was racing so fast,” she said. “I tried to reward her, everything. She didn’t accept my reward. She just took a thank you and a hug, and we became friends.”

Keliiholokai says it’s an act of kindness she will be forever grateful for and she plans to pay it forward.
Read more at http://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/2193/Woman-Loses-Wallet-With-1600-In-Cash-Then-She-Gets-A-Message-From-A-Stranger-On-Facebook#pyCrtGRJrzSS64G1.99


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