Google Is Surreptitiously Making Amazing Movies From People’s Cat Photos

If you use Google Photos, you’ve probably experienced the app’s “assistant” feature taking the liberty of creating suggested collages, stories or mini-movies out of your pictures.


If you’re like most people, you usually ignore these suggestions.

If you’re a cat lover, however, you may be getting a suggestion soon that you definitely won’t want to ignore. That’s because Google may be making you a “Meow Movie.”


“I got a notification on my phone last night,” writer Courtney Gillette told HuffPost in an email. “It was from my Google Photos app, and it said, ‘Your Meow Movie is ready.’” The notification included a happy cat face emoji, she said.


A “Meow Movie” is, well, what you might expect. And the soundtrack is pretty top-notch, so turn up the volume.

Gillette was psyched. “Who doesn’t like an excuse to look at a digital flipbook of photos of their cat?” she said.


The “star” of Gillette’s video is Sappho, who as a kitten was abandoned on the eve of Hurricane Sandy and rescued by a “saintly woman.” Gillette later adopted Sappho through Facebook. The two supporting feline cast members, Rufus and Domino, were abandoned in a flower bed and adopted by Gillette’s partner, Emily.


Gillette’s not the only person to receive a Meow Movie in the past day.

This is probably the weirdest and best thing Google Photos has ever made. It’s called Meow Movie. Please listen to the audio if you can!