The Rock Says It’s A ‘Real Possibility’ He Could Run For President

When you think of suitable candidates for next American President, you instantly consider a return for Barack Obama. OK, that can’t happen so what about his wife, Michelle? Third in your thought process probably is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Let’s face it, it’s not out of the question. If Donald Trump can do it, then surely there is hope for any buddy president?

In a brilliant piece by GQ’s Caity Weaver, the Rock’s qualities are assessed, and believe me the argument is quite convincing.

She starts with his dedication: “No one gets up earlier than Dwayne Johnson. Or goes to bed later. Or is more awake during the hours inbetween,” she writes.

“No one in Hollywood is more buff, more driven, or gets paid better. The man has so much charisma and ambition he can do anything.”

Credit: PA

So basically, in the introduction to this piece alone, we have nailed all the reasons as to why he should be president – but his brilliance is such that Weaver manages to base an entire article on it.

She starts with his selflessness: “When Dwayne Johnson meets you (and I can assure you, he would love to), the first thing he will do is ask you 6,000 questions about yourself, and remembers the answers for you.

“If you are a child, good luck getting past Dwayne Johnson without a high five or some simulated roughhousing; if you’re in a wheelchair, prepare for a Beowulf-style epic poem about your deeds and bravery, composed extemporaneously, delivered to Johnson’s Instagram audience of 85 million people.”

She proves the theory about him being an excellent listener, and his generous nature when considering others.

But we knew he was kind-hearted anyway after the Christmas present he gave his father. In an Instagram post he showed the world he’d bought his dad a new set of wheels, and explained the emotional story behind it all.

Credit: PA

His strength is obvious to anyone who just looks at him, but Weaver got to chat to him while he was in his gym, where she learned his warm-up is everyone else’s ‘max strength’. That’s what the US needs right now: a strong President, in every sense.

Mind you, we’d had an insight on that front when he decided to share his workout on YouTube. The Rock showed off his crazy diet and exercise plan to show us all how to get the size of… well, maybe not a rock, but certainly a boulder.

And the 45-year-old quite likes the idea of being President too. “A year ago,” he tells GQ, “it started coming up more and more. There was a real sense of earnestness, which made me go home and think.

“I think that it’s a real possibility,” he said.

His producer for upcoming film Baywatch, Beau Flynn, knows what easily wins people over: “His smile is like a weapon” Better than any nuclear weapon, surely?

Credit: PA

So, what would be The Rock’s stance on being President – how would he approach it?

“Personally,” he says, “I feel that if I were president, poise would be important. Leadership would be important. Taking responsibility for everybody. [If I didn’t agree with someone] on something, I wouldn’t shut them out. I would actually include them. The first thing we’d do is we’d come and sit down and we’d talk about it.”

Right, forget Trump, I’ve decided. I want The Rock to meet Kim Jong-un, President Assad of Syria and Vladimir Putin. Then the talks of World War Three would soon settle down.

Johnson also told GQ why the Muslim ban is wrong, that national security is important, and defined himself as a feminist.

Michael Minay


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