Pro Hockey Player Gives Up First-Class Seat To U.S. Serviceman

Patrick Kane of The Chicago Blackhawks gave up his first-class seat on a recent flight, allowing a uniformed serviceman to move up from coach and sit in his spot instead.

Credit: Twitter / Teri Truss

American Airlines flight attendant Teri Truss, who described the interaction on Twitter with a picture with Kane, said he approached her before takeoff to offer to switch seats with the military member.

“He said ‘there’s a soldier on this flight,'” Truss told WBBM in Chicago. “He said ‘I would like for him to sit up front, and I would like to give him my first-class seat, and I’ll go to the back.’ ”

Truss told the Chicago radio station the serviceman appreciated the gesture and went back to personally thank Kane during the flight.


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