Girl Shouts Loudly at the Ship Asking it to Honk

If you’re gonna go and “toot toot” at a big old boat, you have to be ready to face the consequences. You do not know what you are going to hear from it.

One point or another, quite possibly every kid on the planet has used honking as a means to get truckers to blow their bellowing air horns, but one little girl took her attempt a step further by honking at a ship, then adorably freaking out when it unexpectedly returned the favor.

A Tobias Hannsson shared the clip of a little girl standing on a dock as a huge ship moves past her. She toots loudly and enthusiastically, pumping her hands for added effect. After a while, it seems like her efforts will go completely unnoticed as the vessel continues moving slowly with no apparent response.

Just as her “toots” begin to lose momentum, the ship horn blasts loudly four times, and like any normal kid, she completely loses it.

Very funny as in a while, the girl who acted like a boss eventually became a kid again as she ran out.


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