Manchester Responds To Concert Attack With Beautiful Acts Of Kindness

The city of Manchester, England, united to help those affected by Monday night’s devastating terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert.

When terrorism makes you question humanity, look to the heroes. In Manchester thousands are rushing to aid those in need.

Following the attack, which left at least 22 people dead and 59 injured, residents banded together to offer free rides, accommodations, food, drinks and blood donations to first responders and victims of the blast.

Here are just a few of the heroic and generous acts of kindness:

Taxi drivers offered stranded concert-goers free rides out of the city.

As concert attendees fled Manchester Arena following the explosion, authorities shut down transportation networks so security services could investigate the attack, which left people stranded.

Lots of panicked people. Dozens saying they can’t get home. No trains out of Manchester at all.

So taxi drivers turned off their meters and offered free rides.

A.J. Singh, a taxi driver in Manchester, is one of those drivers who helped out.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Not just Gurudwaras in Manchester offering victims food & accommodation, this Sikh cab driver is offering free taxi service to the needy

Taxi drivers, hotel workers and the emergency services have worked through the night to help those caught up in the Manchester attack

“I’ve had people who needed to find loved ones, I’ve dropped them off to the hospital, they’re not had any money, they’ve been stranded,” he told Channel 4 News.

“Manchester, we’re glue and we stick together,” he added.

A company called Street Cars Manchester also helped out.

Some social media users also reported that black cabs offered free rides throughout the night.

@SaveTaxi good to see black taxis in Manchester are helping in this terrible tragedy. A group of cabbies from Liverpool are heading down too

Residents, places of worship and hotels provided shelter for the night.

Manchester residents began using the hashtag #roomformanchester shortly after the attack to offer free shelter to those in need.

I live 5 mins from the Manchester Arena. I have sofa bed, food/drink and phone chargers if anyone needs any help

If you need a bed, a cup of tea, a charged phone etc. – I’m 15 mins from Manchester Arena. DM me, they’re open!

Hotels and pubs near the venue also offered to take in people caught up in the attack.

Huge thanks to Ainscow hotel in Manchester for looking after my sister / 10 year old niece and her best friend. 🙌🏻

Sikh temples also offered food and accommodations.

A rabbi brought police officers coffee and pastries.

Rabbi Shneur Cohen brought officers standing outside Manchester Arena some refreshments on Tuesday morning.

Rabbi bringing tea for police at the cordon. “We are Manchester. We are together”

VIDEO: Rabbi Shneur Cohen delivers coffees and pasteies to officers outside the arena saying the city will come together: @LBC

 Residents and restaurants offered free food and drinks.

anyone stranded in central , we have a sofa, floor, and 1000 cups of tea at our flat 15 mins away. Please DM.

I’ve seen so much of this today. Been offered so many free sandwiches. Thank you Manchester.

Signs of solidarity spread across the city.

An electronic advertising board displays a “We love MCR” sign, along with a telephone number for Greater Manchester Police, near a main road in Manchester, northwest England, on Tuesday.

Our man in shows how an estate agent has replaced the houses for sale with simple posters:
I ❤️ MCR

A sign that reads “We Love MCR” is displayed in solidarity above a street in central Manchester, northwest England.

An electronic advertising board displays a Union flag and the words “Pray for Manchester,” close to the Manchester Arena.

A charity offered free counseling to those affected by the attack.

People gave money and donated blood.

The local newspaper Manchester Evening News set up a JustGiving page, which has raised more than $530,000 for families of victims.

Muslims for Manchester also set up an online campaign to raise funds.

Others flocked to blood banks to donate their blood.

Mancunians answer call to donate blood after Arena bomb attack. One in the queue tells me they’re all “throwing their arms around the city”

A Twitter user said merchandise vendors outside the arena tended to the victims, using T-shirts as bandages.

the people who sell the fake merch outside the venue were giving out shirts and using them as towels for people who were bleeding


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