This Suit-Wearing Dog Is The Best Used Car Salesman We’ve Ever Seen

Paws down, car buying can be ruff. Fortunately, there’s a pint-sized car dealer who’s eager to help.

Introducing Brus Griffin, an adorable Brussels Griffon who you know you can trust because she’s wearing a suit and tie.

The tiny dog, whose real name is Gilda, is the star of a hit YouTube video this week that shows her peddling cars for the imaginary Brus Griffin’s Motor World.


Brus’ owner, a woman named Steph who also has a second Brussels Griffon named Griff, told HuffPost that inspiration for the commercial filmed last week came after she purchased the child-sized suit for her little breadwinner from a thrift store.


“I buy them outfits sometimes because it’s hilarious and great for the pictures,” she said by email on Wednesday. “It was only $4 and had already paid for itself in laughs before I even got home.”


After putting the suit on the pooch ― which Steph said her dog “actually really liked” ― she said she couldn’t shake off her dog’s resemblance to a car salesman. As for the name, Brus Griffin, she called it “just the slimy car salesman name I used.”


“Have you been a bad dog? Injured while fetching?” the video’s captions asks. “Call Brus Griffin of Griffin & Griffin Law.”

Another photo shows her in a side-by-side comparison to paper salesman Dwight Schrute from “The Office” and then again in a sales meeting for ― what else? ― tennis balls, compliments of Reddit’s Photoshop Battles.


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