Oreo O’s, your favorite ’90s cereal, is making a comeback

Every ‘90s kid knows the pure joy of crunching down onto a cereal so sweet there’s question as to whether or not it’s actually dessert. Oreo O’s, a breakfast cereal from the makers of Oreo cookies, was one of those beloved treats. It was short-lived however, staying on the U.S. market from only 1998 to 2007.

But in the grand tradition of old things becoming new again (see: Surge and French Toast Crunch), it’s just been announced that the chocolaty, crunchy O’s are making a comeback and will be hitting the shelves again in June — right when the kids get out of school (sugar high, anyone?)

Post Consumer Brands

Oreo O’s are coming back!

For those who didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with this cereal, here’s the gist: They’re little crunchy chocolate O’s combined with Oreo cookie bits covered in a crème coating. You can eat them with milk as “part of a complete breakfast,” or, who are we kidding, just straight out of the box for a sweet snack.

The cereal brings up lots of nostalgia for those who loved it back in the day. In fact, people have been getting their hands on boxes via pricey eBay auctions and having their friends mail them boxes from South Korea where it’s still sold.


For those who are used to the South Korean version, there is one difference in the product: This U.S. one won’t have the marshmallow bits. But it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of having it available at home.

A spokesperson for Post Consumer Brands told TODAY Food that the new boxes of Oreo O’s will retail for $3.98. Find one at a store near you.

Julie Pennell



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