Tennis Player Captures The True Spirit Of Sportsmanship At French Open

Everyone is falling in love with tennis star Juan Martin del Potro after he captured the true spirit of sportsmanship halfway through a competitive match at the French Open.

Photo credit: The Associated Press

Thursday’s second-round match was tied at one set apiece between Del Potro and his opponent Nicolas Almagro.

During the third set, Del Potro hit a serve that Almagro didn’t move to return, instead standing at the baseline with his hands on his knees, doubled over in pain.

He was clearly distraught and began to cry before dropping to the ground.

Del Potro walked around the net to comfort his stricken rival.

Del Potro consoled Almagro for a minute before helping him walk off the court.

And as if that was not enough, Del Potro then sat next to Almagro on his bench, gave the Spaniard a pep talk with his arm draped around his body, and then packed Almagro’s bag for him.

That is sportsmanship at its best.



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