Grab Testing New Service GrabHeli that Allows Customers to Ride on Helicopters!

You know how sometimes you get stuck in a massive traffic jam (think rush hour, while it’s raining, on a Friday night) and wish you could just fly up and avoid the jam altogether?


Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta is notorious for having one of the world’s worst gridlock but commuters have no choice but to brave the congestion to get around the city. While the city already has ride-hailing services such as Grab, Uber and local start-up Go-Jek, the traffic situation is still pretty horrendous.

Source: Straits Times That’s why Grab has recently decided to do a trial run of GrabHeli over the weekend, which is an honest-to-goodness ride you can book on a helicopter to fly you around the city. OMG, I need this! The popular app already has cars and motorbikes as part of their fleet but they are looking to explore the possibility of incorporating GrabHeli into its services. Sounds awesome to me!  According to Straits Times, Mediko Azwar, Grab Indonesia’s marketing director said, “We see that the public need is there, there are executives who need to move from one point to another in a short period of time”. They are currently carrying out a feasibility study.

Source: Tech Wire Asia Also, they recently offered free rides to some lucky customers on the chopper who got to experience a truly exhilarating ride. Unfortunately, prices have yet to be released, as the concept is still in its early stages. Well, we sure hope that it’s still affordable! One of Grab’s fierce competitors, Uber, had previously tried out their helicopter services, UberChopper, in Dubai in 2015 but the plan has not been launched commercially. Source: Kumparan Who knows, maybe one day they could introduce it in Malaysia as well? Imagine how cool that would be!

ByPui Fun

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