Barbie’s Ken Has a Man Bun Now and Twitter Is Having a Field Day

Ken just got a major makeover and the internet really wasn’t ready for it.

On Tuesday, Mattel unveiled its new crew of Fashionistas Barbie and Ken Dolls, featuring 11 new skin tones, 28 hairstyles, fierce new fashions, multiple eye colors and 7 body types.

See some of the new dolls below:


But there’s one thing that has everyone talking: Ken’s man bun.

After the line was revealed this morning, Twitter exploded with absolutely savage reactions.

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The new “Man Bun” Ken doll comes with shirt, shoes, and keys to Barbie’s car that he’s driving until he “gets back on his feet again.”

Apparently Mattel has designed a Ken doll with a man bun. What’s next? A Ken doll wearing a romper?

Man Bun Ken comes with an acoustic guitar, a pack of cigarettes, and a book of love poems.

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Barbie is releasing a new Ken Doll with a man bun?

Wait… we’ve seen that before…

Nostradamus predicted that the world would end soon after the Ken doll got himself a man bun makeover. 

@xoamelia Man Bun Ken is very proud of the hammock he wove himself, and can monologue about BIG FURNITURE for an hour.

There’s a new Ken doll with a man bun. Said Ken, “Might as well. I have no genitals so I already wasn’t getting laid.”

Please, please tell me this is fake news…. ⚡️ “There’s a new Ken doll with a man bun” 

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There’s a new Ken doll with a man bun


The new Barbie and Ken Fashionistas crew continues Mattel’s effort to diversify the dolls. This collection introduces three new body types for Ken and adds more skin tones.


@GMA Meet the new Ken “Fabulous” Series: They have the “Ken Man Bun” & 4 Xmas, they will introduce the Ken “Fan + nose ring” Trump no included.

“A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so…” 

When you pull Man Bun Ken’s string, he quotes Infinite Jest or tells you how his homebrew IPA is going. 

Ken is a hipster. Next thing you know he’ll have a beard & be eating avocados.|There’s a new Ken doll with a man bun 

I bet that man bun Ken tries to borrow money from Barbie

⚡️ “There’s a new Ken doll with a man bun” 

There’s now a Ken Doll with a man bun. But he doesn’t have a neck beard or smell like B.O. So he’s still as fake as the original Barbie.

I’m so down with the Ken doll with a man bun. Next I need manspreading Ken

The last thing we need in this world is a Ken doll with a man bun.

Scanning the initial reactions, there were just a couple people in support of the look, including one from Steven King:

Barbie’s bff, Ken, now comes with a man bun or cornrows. You go with your bad self, Kenny.

They have created man bun Ken dolls. Today is a great day.


TooFab Staff


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