McDonald’s Have Dedicated A Whole Menu To Minions

If you haven’t seen any of the Despicable Me films, you’re still probably aware of what Minions are.

If not, they’re those little annoying yet adorable yellow things that speak in a made-up language, feature in loads of TV adverts and pop up throughout town centre high streets, because there’s always someone who’s decided to dress as one.

Their appearances in the Despicable Me series were so popular that they got their own spin-off, simply and quite reasonably called Minions, which follows the trio of Kevin, Stuart and Bob as they search for a new master to serve.

It was also a success, thus fuelling more popularity for the creatures, who by this stage are pretty much impossible to avoid.

However, they’ve now reached the peak of anything they’ll ever do, as they’ve been immortalised as a plethora of McDonald’s items.

To celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3, Maccies have made an entire menu dedicated to the Minions.

Have you tried these Minion Potatoes? πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž?

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You can get your hands on Minion potatoes, spicy nuggets, banana pie, Minion ice cream and (of course) a load of Happy Meal toys.

If you’re dying to have a go, hard luck, unless you live in Singapore. It’s always somewhere really far away, isn’t it?

The items are only available on the Dollar Menu at restaurants in Asian country, so unless you’re travelling this summer, or indeed live there, you ain’t getting anywhere near these.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram


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