8 Things About Denmark That Makes It A Great Place To Visit

  • Denmark tops the list as the happiest country on earth almost every year

    • We know that Denmark may not be on the top of your must-visit list due to the distance and price. But with Carlsberg’s #ProbablyTheBestBreweryTour contest, you might just get the chance to make this trip.


      Here are some amazing aspects about Denmark that make it worth visiting:

      1. You get to walk inside a rainbow

      • Because nothing is more magical than being able to be inside a rainbow. And the Danes can do that in their local art museum.

        Located on top of the ARoS Aarhaus Art Museum in Denmark is an art piece called Your Rainbow Panorama. The circular glass walkway is painted with all the colours of the rainbow, so it looks like you’re walking in different colours with every step!

        Due to its circular shape, you can hear your voice coming from behind you whenever you speak. Mind. Blown.


  • 2. Chill and relax at the Instagram-worthy district of Nyhavn

    • This is where you can get that pretty Instagram shot of the colourful houses by the port. What used to be a commercial port is now one of the trendiest hangout spot in Copenhagen. So have a seat in one of the classy restaurants by the canal, grab a beer, and enjoy the view!


  • 3. The world’s best restaurant is also in Denmark…

    • … according to ‘Restaurant Magazine’.

      Noma, a Danish restaurant that serves food made from 100% Nordic and local ingredients, has been voted as the best restaurant in the world by the magazine for four times.

      The dishes served may sound bizarre to us in Malaysia, which includes mushrooms served with fried reindeer moss; and oysters served with gooseberries on a bed of actual rocks. Perhaps it’s made to suit the taste buds for diners in Scandinavia.

      Psst… we still think Penang is the best food island in the world.


  • 4. There’s an amusement park that is always changing

    • Amusement parks are fun, and Denmark has one of the best in the world.

      The Tivoli Gardens is the world’s second oldest amusement park, and also the third most-visited one in Europe. It has so many amazing attractions that its name is used to refer to amusement parks in Swedish.

      The park has more than 20 rides for adults and children; theatres, pavilions, and concert halls where regular performances are held. The park also goes all out with their decorations and is especially enchanting during winter. New attractions are constantly being added to the park, so you can expect something new every time you visit it.


  • 5. It’s also a land of singing trees

  • 6. They have a 17th century tower that has been converted into a bicycle race track

    • You also know that the passion for cycling is real when the Danes have bicycle races in a 17th century observatory tower.

      Rundetårn was originally built as an observatory tower for astronomers. Instead of building stairs, the king had a spiral ramp built into the tower instead. It’s said that someone drove a car all the way up the tower in 1902. They started having bicycle races in the tower in 1971 – the current record is 50.05 seconds to reach the top.

      The bicycle-friendly country also has traffic lights and a superhighway for cyclists.


  • 7. Try to get out of the maze in the gardens of Egeskov Castle

    • Egeskov is everything you’d expect a fairy tale castle to be, equipped with a functioning moat and even a knights hall. There are four mazes on the grounds of this Danish castle, the oldest being the beech maze. There’s also a PlayForest on the grounds where you can do tree top walking.


  • 8. Last but not least, the Carlsberg Brewery

    • It’s part of the Copenhagen Ex-beer-ience to visit the world-famous brewery. Step into the brewery and you can smell all the ingredients used, as well as check out the whole process that goes into the making of Carlsberg beer. Visit on Fridays and you’ll even get to enjoy barbecue and music in the yard!


  • So how about a trip to Denmark?

  • Yes you can, because Carlsberg wants to send 10 lucky Malaysians and their friends to Denmark on #ProbablyTheBestBreweryTour

    • Carlsberg Malaysia is launching #ProbablyTheBestBreweryTour contest to look for 10 winners to go on an all-expense paid trip to Denmark for a VIP Brewery Tour for two. There are two ways to win it:

      Snap & Win
      1. Spend a minimum of RM30 in a single receipt on Carlsberg and/or Carlsberg Smooth Draught.
      2. Snap a photo of the receipt.
      3. Send the photo via WhatsApp or WeChat to 012-2111056 with your full name as per IC and NRIC.
      4. Upon receiving the confirmation text from Carlsberg, tell them who you will bring along with you, and why.


    • Collect & Win
      1. Purchase any big bottle of Carlsberg and/or Carlsberg Smooth Draught.
      2. Check your bottle caps for the “Copenhagen 2017” wording.
      3. Take the winning bottle cap to any Carlsberg Malaysia sales office to verify it.
      4. You’ll be required to answer a simple question when you submit your bottle cap.

      It’s that simple!


  • More info on the contest here





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