Guy Trying To Sell Car Is Inundated By Offers From ‘Celebrities’

Anyone who’s sold a car before will know that it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

In your head you think it’s just a case of being handed some cash and never seeing your car again. In reality you have to stick signs in the windows, or advertise it in a motor magazine, before dealing with a load of shite paperwork and all the rest of it.

Johnny Delaney, from Leeds, wanted rid of his 15-year-old 1.4 so he chose to sell it through Auto Trader for a fair sum of £550.

Credit: SWNS

However, rather than receive any serious offers, he was inundated by messages off people pretending to be A-list celebrities and television characters.

In a short amount of time Lewis Hamilton, Matt Le Blanc, Olly Murs, Brian May and even Donald Trump got in touch with him, as well as Sir Michael Cane, Derek Trotter and Tiger Woods.

Someone posing as the one and only Del Boy wrote: “Au Revoir Johnny me old mucka. I am gonna level with ya me old son, Boycie has tucked me up on a motor and I am in right lumber.

Some of the boys down the Nags Head told me that you were selling a cushty little motor so I thought je sus je reste !!”

Personally, I wouldn’t want to see Del in anything other than his yellow Reliant Regal van.

Credit: SWNS

Soon after Sir Michael Caine inquired about the vehicle, revealing he’s been searching for a new one ever since the doors of his Mini were blown off.

Matt le Blanc, former Friends star and current host of Top Gear, has apparently been having a few troubles with his car recently – so he dropped Johnny a message too.

He wrote: “Hi – interested in your car. Bit of trouble with mine – is your gear box ok as it just seems like I’m always stuck in second gear.”

Credit: SWNS

Johnny has no idea who it is posting the messages, and although he found it funny at first has admitted he just wants to get rid of the car.

“I do find the messages amusing but it is going on a bit long now and I keep thinking ‘I need to sell this car’,” he said.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

Mark McGowan


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