A ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired bakery is coming… and it’s called You Know Nothing John Dough!

Fuck this weather, winter is coming. As in, we’ve waited over a year and It’s. Finally. Coming. Season seven of ‘Game of Thrones’ is premiering this very Monday, July 17, and Deliveroo is opening a brilliantly-named bakery to celebrate, dubbed ‘You Know Nothing John Dough’.

Here’s where we separate the wheat of the true ‘GoT’ fans from the chaff. Remember Hot Pie? The fella who follows Arya Stark around for a bit before staying behind at that inn to pursue his real dream of becoming a baker? Well, it’s Hot Pie (aka Ben Hawkey, the actor who played him) who’s running the show at You Know Nothing John Dough. And do you remember that scene where he bakes Arya a loaf of bread shaped like a direwolf? Direwolf loaves are a John Dough speciality.

Available for £1 a pop from 6pm on Monday via the Deliveroo app (unfortunately, You Know Nothing John Dough isn’t an actual bakery shop, so you can’t visit it), direwolf loaves are made with wholewheat cornbread and orange zest. We’re pretty sure Hot Pie/Hawkey is more than a figurehead than an actual chef, but apparently he has personally baked a few of them, so maybe if you binge-order on Monday you’ll get lucky? The sofa is your Iron Throne.

You Know Nothing John Dough opens on Deliveroo at 6pm on Mon Jul 17.

Kitty Drake



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