Watch Ryan Reynolds Give Terminally Ill Child the Best FaceTime Call Ever

Ryan Reynolds’s list of good deeds continues to grow bigger by the day.

Most notably, the Hollywood actor once schemed with a recently-dumped high schooler on how she could get back at her ex-boyfriend, and he wrote a moving tribute for a young Deadpool fan who he had befriended before his death.

Now, he has just granted the lifelong wish of a fan who had just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

5-year-old Daniel Downing only recently came down with pontine glioma, an aggressive, non-curable type of cancer with an average survival time of 9 months.

So when Reynolds heard about the boy’s grim predicament, he decided to call up the youngster in Plymouth, England.

Downing, who is a zealous Marvel fan, couldn’t believe that the A-lister was on the phone. When he heard Reynolds’s voice, he asked if they could Facetime each other.

Reynolds didn’t even hesitate to oblige.

The two chatted about Marvel and the Deadpool movies, with Reynolds remarking upon how Downing seemed a little young to be watching the explicit movies. Then, Reynolds offered to walk Downing around the set of Deadpool 2.

After a quick tour of the facilities, Reynolds said that he had to get back to filming, and they said their goodbyes.

While it may seem like a small gesture, the Downings say that it meant the world to their son.

“I messaged his assistant to say how eternally grateful we all are for him taking the time out to talk to Daniel. It was absolutely fantastic,” Daniel’s mother Stephanie told the Plymouth Herald. “I’m so happy for Daniel – it’s something he wouldn’t normally have been able to do and he was so excited. He told all his friends and his teachers. It’s nice to see him so excited because he has been a bit down lately.”

A friend of the Downings has set up a crowdfunding page that has already raised roughly $23,000 (£17,500) for the family.

McKinley Corbley


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