Barber Does His Own Flooring Using 70,000 1p Coins

Having new flooring put down can be nauseatingly expensive, so why not cut out the middle man, save costs on materials and labour, and simply stick the carpet fitting or tiling money directly to the floorboards instead?

We’re not talking about pasting 20-pound notes all over the shop, but a load of pennies might actually look pretty sweet and serve as a functional alternative to other more traditional flooring.

Well, that’s exactly what one enterprising young barber shop owner did to his place in Birmingham when he and his staff decided to deck their floor out entirely in one pence pieces. And d’you know what? It actually looks pretty good.

penny barber

Credit: SWNS

Brett Davies and his team used 70,000 1p coins to line the floor of BS4 in Birmingham. That’s £700 ($908) worth, just in case you’re shit at maths.

penny barber

Credit: SWNS

The dad of two told Worcester News: “We did it ourselves.

“It seemed to take forever.

“We did it over a period of six weeks but we probably spent about 200 hours in total.”

penny barber

Credit: SWNS

penny barber

Credit: SWNS

penny barber

Credit: SWNS

Brett has been in the business for 26 years and does have several other barbershops, but unsurprisingly says that the impressively-decked-out BS4 is the ‘most extravagant of the four’.

The 46-year-old says that he had to make trips to banks around the country to change his cash into smaller coins – hey, 70,000 of them can’t be easy to come by – but he reckons the resulting masterpiece is worth every penny.

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: SWNS


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