This Rainbow Cut Hiding Cats Is the Latest Insta-Fashion Trend

Trends become global when they take an odd line. And this is what happened with the rainbow hair cut that hides cats. This trend is taking to every girl’s heart for its unique approach to cats. Mostly, girls love this feline fellow and find the idea of having it carved on their hair attracts them. Any girl can have the fun of this style. Long hair, curly locks and short haircut, all do great with this style. And do you know that hiding the image of the cut under the hair increases the legendary aura of cats!

This bold step towards a higher level of hairstyle is an idea of Katichka, a Russian Instagram user. Katichka is lucky to have the chance of pioneering this unique feline inspired haircut that speaks of real innovation. In a short time, she has garnered around 30,000 likes. You would also like it, no doubt! Haven’t you too wished to have this hair cut? Many cat lovers including you have given a warm welcome to the new style. Imagine if it was done to black hair, would the trend be as heart-winning as it is now?

Skin tattoos overtook the youth. Even the elderly population of the world had a fair share of it. Do you know a part of the skin that was not possibly tattooed? Well, no, but hair tattoo with the help of multi colors is the new creation of fashion world, and the hairstyle experts think that it has to go a long way. A salon owner in Melbourne, Karen Lewis, says that the trend new will stick around! The response of the youth is enormous, and the style has so many positive features that one can hardly resist it.

There is a little number of people who know that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. They held cats in the highest esteem, and it enjoyed a very high status in the society for them. Cats continue to enjoy a situation in the modern trends also because of their unique features and relation to man.

Today cats are loved as pets and kept at homes. They make a good companion for lonely couples or individuals. But making part of hairstyle and fashion is a new idea that appeals the girls mainly. The cute figure of a cat

You may remember the viral hairstyle of 2016 with a pussy cat. In the start of 2017 glitter undercut made a better shape in the eyes of fashionistas. But before the variations of this undercut would exhaust, the rainbow carving made exploding appearance. It has overshadowed all previous undercut styles. By combining shaving patterns with short cut hair all dyed in rainbow colors is an innovative idea of 3D art work. It’s unusual features drive attention of anyone having a right eye to fashion and style.

There had been some buzz cuts and shaved hairstyles that girls liked very much. It is a natural skill in the hands of expert hair stylists. But as you know, girls always wish for something that keeps them stand out the crowd. They look for changes and not just changes but changes that are a real turning point in the world of fashion. Among the many mainstream female hairstyles, this new rainbow hair cut with cats has won the medal of being a real girls’ affair. And salons for girls’ hairstyles are competing against one another to be the best spot in the city for the modern trend.

Highlights in female hairstyle had been the top most favored hairstyle. The celebs, models, and actors always chose hair highlights. But rainbow hair-dye had a different story to share. It took the hair styling school to another grade where you can experience uniqueness with elegance. In a job that does not exceed 60 minutes in the hands of an expert hair stylist, you get done with your favorite rainbow haircut.
Whether you go for a smaller undercut panel or choose the entire head rainbow carving, your hairstylist can make your favorite style with just a few simple tools like scissors, razors, and Clippers. First is the carving, shaving, and cutting; then, dying starts. Go bold and bright with your favorite rainbow style with a cute kitty in a lively color hiding beneath.

There are plenty of hairstyles and to be very honest, they are countless. They all look great in rainbow dyes. The blend of the primary colors makes them just extra ordinary. From very common and to particular, you have the choice to go beyond your usual measures of style and fashion. Some of these do look smashing. You can’t hold back from liking them. But should you go for one that wins your heart in the first glance? Well, the hairstyle experts can have a different opinion!

When you come to choose the rainbow haircut, you have to be very judgmental. Yes, be judgmental! This one looks a bit too showy! The other one can overshadow your smile! This cut is too small even to think about! Yes, go ahead with these critical comments until your eyes are fixed on a style that can make you the Cinderella of the ball! Sure, one style is just invented for you. Your first appearance in public will turn the heads to you and maybe a big plus point in your overall look that you feel highly confident of yourself.

Your kitty can hide safe and snug in every rainbow haircut but do you want pastel rainbow hairstyle or bold rainbow hair dye? For bright and upbeat personalities, bright rainbow hairstyles make the best choice. You had better go for streak for higher results in colored dyes. These multi-colored blended locks create an aura of further brightness that you may not like to miss. Dip dye in light pastel colors makes a cool option. Partial rainbow hair dye is a very good idea for shy girls. It can interpret their personalities very accurately.

You love your cat, right? How would you like your kitty to hide in your hair? A full silhouette would do or just the face? Make it prominent. A clear hair tattoo of a cat makes it more striking. When you lift your hair and expose your kitty, it should “Meow” or “purr” softly to your friends! The idea of just a paw of your kitty is also one choice if you do not want the kitty to hide in your hair.

Cat tattoo on the undercut is a unique idea. Her shy features often distinguish this feline feature. She is never bold and daring. That is why creating its silhouette on the undercut is the right place for the kitty to rest and yawn. You can cover it anytime with your hair if you think the time is not suitable for keeping it exposed. Gently stroke her when you think she is feeling lonely!

A sense of art and color was never this important for your hair as it is now. With the introduction of rainbow hairstyle and kitty hair tattoo, you can try your art skills on your hair. Discuss with your hair stylist about your ideas and modifications. There is no harm in bringing about new ideas. However, there is a big chance that you can make the new trends, even more, striking with your personal opinion. Got some exciting ideas, it is high time to try them!

Now, when the trend of rainbow hairstyle is at its peak, and every girl is dreaming or planning to have her next hairstyle in rainbow dyes and a kitty, you take the lead in your circle of friends. Post your images with your latest rainbow haircut and tag all your friends. Get their comments and rock with your new style. The best time to make a trend your style is now as it is new and getting deeper in the fashion world. So are you ready to ride the wave?

Hair chalk dyes are used for temporary hair dying. It is your best choice for making experimental rainbow hair color designs. Get an assortment of these and dye your hair with what you see to be the best option for your hair. It is a wise step to take before you go to your hairstylist. It will add to your ideas of hair dyes that suit your face and personality.

Feel the difference with rainbow hairstyle the coming fall and bring colors to your life when autumn covers the world with dull shades. This trendy hairstyle with a little kitty can be a cute choice for your new looks when the year gets closer to its end. Do you know that the thrill is in innovation and newness? The rainbow hairstyle is the top choice of fashion gals now, and you also should have your fair share of the popular trend.


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