A Cheese Festival Is Coming To The UK

Just imagine not being able to eat cheese. Brie, Stilton, Camembert. Just cheddar alone can turn a bowl of plain old pasta into mac’n’cheese, tortilla chips into nachos and garlic bread into something really special. It’s the shit.

Now, if you’re a huge fan of it like I am, you’ll be happy to know that a festival is coming to the UK to celebrate it. Wallace and Gromit would be right at home.

 The Big Cheese Festival will be coming to Brighton Racecourse on the 3rd of March 2018, so there is a while to wait, but it will be so worth it. Early bird tickets have already sold out, but general admission starts at £19.95.

‘The finest fromage’ from international cheesemakers and mongers will be showcased at the event.which is being held by the seaside. You will be able to try delicious hot delicacies, all with one thing in common: cheese.

Credit: The Big Cheese Festival

The vendors will creating melted gooey delights – from Halloumi fries to Mozzerella Sticks, Raclette to Fondue – if it’s cheesy it’s going to be there. Can you brie-lieve it!?

According to the festival’s website, there will also be bars serving liquors, wines, and for all the ale bores out there they’ll be an assortment of craft beers. The wines will be perfectly matched to the fromage, because at the end of the day, nothing goes better with cheese than getting absolutely plastered



Live comedy, local bands and cheesy DJs will perform a selection of pop, jazz, funk and R’n’B. Guest chefs and showcase speakers are soon to be announced too.

Cheesetopia has already been a massive hit in the U.S, so I’m stoked for something similar over here.

Apparently it’s all the rage to hold festivals for the products people love at the moment. We reported earlier this month that a tequila festival is coming to Manchester at the end of August.


Featured Image Credit: The Big Cheese Festival/Wallace and Gromit – Aardman Animations

James Dawson



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