‘How I Met Your Mother’ Could Be Getting A Spin-Off

It’s been more than three years since How I Met Your Mother. Fans of the show might remember an ill-fated spin-off, How I Met Your Dad, which was scrapped before the pilot was even aired. Ouch.

This was followed by a second shot last year when This Is Us writing and co-executive production duo Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger created How I Met Your Father.However, due to the success of This Is Us, they became too busy to spend time on the spin-off and it fell by the way side.



Now it seems like Fox supremo Dana Walden thinks it could be third time lucky, as she told Deadline: “The studio will try with different writers.”

She also added that whoever takes the reigns of the new show wouldn’t be using any of the older ideas and would be ‘starting from scratch’, which is definitely a good thing when you consider the fate of the previous two shows, although she thinks it could reunite the original characters.

Credit: PA

Neither of the previous attempts featured any of the original characters, which is a bit weird for a spin-off and might be one of the reasons the shows didn’t stick around. Having said that, who can forget the terrible Friends follow-up Joey?

The finale of How I Met Your Mother was hit with a lot of criticism from fans, with many demanding a new ending for the long-running series.

Speaking in May, Walden seemed keen on the idea of a reunion show. She said: “We’ve been in business with so many of these creators for such a long time and these shows are so long running, and they’ve had the opportunity through streaming services to be introduced to an entirely new generation of viewers.



“That does feel like an event, reuniting characters from a very long-running show. I would say How I Met Your Mother, one of the greatest shows ever in our library at the studio, at some point I would hope we would have the opportunity to reunite those characters and tell a new story if [creators] Craig [Thomas] and Carter [Bays] had the desire to do that.”

So good news all round for HIMYM fans, then.

Featured Image Credit: Fox/How I Met Your Mother

Claire Reid



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